A Little Trinket Packaging

Packaging has caused me no end of headaches - of course, I want your A Little Trinket to reach you in perfect condition and you to be delighted as you unwrap it or proud to give it as a gift but I don't want it to cost the Earth (literally) to achieve that.

Eliminating plastics completely from packaging is the ideal for me and I'm so nearly there. So far I have:

  • Stopped using plastic lined 'jiffy' envelopes - I use cardboard envelopes now
  • Stopped using plastic tape - you'll find recyclable/biodegradable tape on your post now, no need to pick it off before recycling!
  • Reduced my use of stickers - The paper itself might be recycled/recyclable but the backing paper often isn't. There is also a higher energy cost in production of stickers so now I print your label and use my trusty brown paper tape to attach it.
  • I've never bought new bubble wrap! That's right, never, not in all the 7+ years of A Little Trinket. If you've had a bit of bubble wrap in a parcel from me it was saved from a delivery that came to me - please reuse it again!
  • Switched to recycled tissue paper. I don't use any with metallic or foil printing on either so you can recycle it too (use it again first if you can!)

All of that means the vast majority of outer packing I send out is plastic free. That's something I'm really quite chuffed about. The inner packaging, the actual jewellery box etc was a bit more challenging... you can read that saga here