Planting native trees and restoring wild ecosystems

A Little Trinket has partnered with Mossy.Earth to plant native trees and restore wild ecosystems.

Mossy Earth logo


I am doing this by giving a portion of all sales from the Flora Collection (which includes the Acorns and Christmas trees) to Mossy.Earth. The money will be used to plant trees in projects across Europe.

So far we have funded the planting of over 150 trees at 4 project sites, across Europe. You can see where they are planted on the map above. That's right, we will know exactly where our trees are! 

I've also started a Pinterest board with images of the trees planted. Bear in mind, some of the trees are deciduous and planted in winter so they do look a bit like twigs, they will grow leaves soon!

While you are waiting for more A Little Trinket trees to appear here you might like to support Mossy.Earth yourself - Head over to their website and use the referral code 'ALITTLETRINKET' to get started.