...yet more packaging (but still no plastic)

One of the first decisions I made about A Little Trinket branded boxes was not to use 'foil' in the logo print. What was the point of selecting a nice sustainable cardboard box and slapping a plastic based foil logo on it? It just makes it much harder to recycle. So you'll see the A Little Trinket logo debossed on the lid of the gift box. You'll also see it embossed on things like care cards and gift tags, it might not save very much ink doing it that way but every little helps.

Once I'd decided on the outside of the box I discovered that was the easy bit - the inside was going to be much harder. Jewellery boxes tend to come with foam (plastic based) inserts. Those that weren't plastic based were the kind of cotton fill that catches on every little thing. Not just one jewellery either, it gets caught on fingernails and any patch of dry skin, eeeughhh, its the tactile equivalent of fingernails down a blackboard to me. Worse still the nice grey boxes I thought were exactly what I was looking for came with black foam inserts and no, that particular company wasn't willing to supply boxes without inserts.

After much research I found a company (Potters) willing to supply me with FSC certified cardboard boxes and no inserts. What's more, they had designed a card insert to fit. I thought I'd cracked it! 

It turns out that jewellery box inserts are foam for a reason, card doesn't really secure the chains at all. So for a while I was stumped. Then I got chatting to Katy of Katy Mai and she had a blindingly simply solution to covering the unslightly cotton fill in her boxes - a little square of felt - now why hadn't I thought of that?

So now, you'll find your A Little Trinket packed in an FSC certified card box, with a foil-free debossed logo on the lid. Inside your jewellery will be safely tucked into a recyclable card insert topped with a biodegradable 100% wool felt cover.

Oh, and the care card is uncoated, 100% recycled pulp card too!