Why is it called....?

Have you noticed that most (not all, we'll talk about that another time) items I make get a name? Its usually a girl's name, not for any gender stereotyping reasons but, because they are often named after the person who asked me to make the first one.

Emily Choker Style Necklaces - Round coloured glass beads on a short sterling silver chain - by A Little Trinket
Emily for example, The Emily Choker Style Necklace came about when a little girl called Emily was going to be a bridesmaid but couldn't wear earrings like the older bridesmaids. We decided she would have a little necklace with the same simple round bead as everyone else was wearing and the Emily Necklace was created. She was quickly followed by the Emily Earrings (as the older bridesmaids wore before they had a name). It didn't take long for the 'Emily Family' to grow to include the Emily Drop Pendant too.

Rebecca and Becky Pendants in lampwork galss by A Little Trinket

Then there was Rebecca, she was a potter (still is a potter, you can find her here) working in Draper's Yard with me, with a taste for a long necklace. When Rebecca asked me to make a long necklace with simple orb of glass I was itching to see what I could make. A little trial and error (most of my designs happen that way) and I had a handmade sterling silver bail to add to a simple, but oh so tactile, orb of glass - the Rebecca Necklace was here. No prizes for guessing what her 'little sister' will be called...

Coloured enamelled Minnie studs earrings by A Little Trinket on a slate background

The latest name to join the ALT team is 'Minnie' - short for Minerva, Hermione, Wilhemina, Marion, Margaret and even Mary. In this case it was picked because a conversation with Mel (you know Mel, she helps me with all things admin-y and is a star with a spreadsheet) went along the lines of:

Mel: "You know, the little enamelled earrings remind me of mouse sized teacups"

Me: "Okaaaay, wasn't the look I was going for but name some famous mice."

Mel: "Tom, no, Jerry, errm, Minnie.."

Me "Gus from Cinderella, can't remember any others*. But I like Minnie. Sort of mini as they're little too"

So, Minnie they are, both the earrings and now the matching necklet too. And yes, I do have plans for a 'Maxine'..


*If you need to know, the others were Jaq, Mary (another Minnie!), Perla, and Suzy