Why I'm not doing Black Friday this year

If you're holding out for a Black Friday deal at A Little Trinket I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed, it's not happening.

Why? There a few reasons but first and foremost is that I don't build in a large profit margin which allows me to slash prices for a sale. If big chains can afford to reduce a price by 50% or 75% or whatever great deal they offer then ask yourself 'How much were they making from me the rest of the year?!'

I'm not saying don't take advantage of those savings. When it comes to buying a new microwave or a sofa I'll be there, looking online at the end of November, just like everybody else. Just please be aware that some businesses (and yes, often the smaller independent ones) work hard to keep prices fair all year round. I can assure you that I do not build an extra margin in to my prices just to slash it and give you the impression of a good deal. This small, independent business will offer you the same good value each and every day.

That's not to say I won't give you the odd special offer. If you're a subscriber to my emails then you'll know you get a 15% discount on your first order as well as little treats throughout the year including a birthday pressie. If you're not a subscriber, why not? You can sort that out right now by clicking just here.

Another reason I'm not offering a huge discount for Black Friday is my lovely stockists - These hardworking people have chosen to put A Little Trinket on the shelves of their shop or gallery and they've paid me to do so. In a normal year I wouldn't do them the discourtesy of consistently undercutting the price they sell my work at and 2020 is far from normal.

Every one of my stockists have experienced the shock of lockdown at least once this year and the majority of them will have to keep their physical shops closed during the Black Friday period. So I'm not having a Black Friday sale but they might well be - Who is your local A Little Trinket stockist? They've probably got a website you can visit. Or go and peer through their window on your next walk, I'm willing to bet they'll do click (or call) and collect. Some will even give you a virtual tour of their shop and help you choose gifts. These shops and galleries not only enrich your high street, they also support a myriad of makers and designers like me. So please support them now and when they reopen, we all want them to have a great Christmas and still be on our high streets for years to come.

Finally I'd like to just point out that Black Friday only exists because Thanksgiving is the day beforehand. Here in the UK we don't really do the Thanksgiving bit so why the heck are we doing Black Friday thing anyway? If we're going to adopt a tradition from the US, let's adopt the being thankful one - Be thankful we are still here. Be thankful for the small businesses and, like me, be thankful for their perseverance this year.