ALT Points

A Little Trinket Points - Terms and Conditions

This A Little Trinket (ALT) Points scheme is all a bit new to me so please expect these T&Cs to evolve a bit over time. If you come across any anomalies, weird stuff or things just don't work like you'd think they should, let me know at and I'll try to evict the gremlins.

To collect points you do need an account, you can open one here or click the ALT Points widget  - It looks like a parcel and its either on the right hand side of your screen (desktop) or hanging about at the bottom (mobile/tablet).

If you would like to claim points from a previous purchase on this site just complete the form here. If you'd like to claim points from a purchase made through Etsy, create your account first, then you'll find you can enter your receipt number and claim.

You can earn ALT points on purchases from or Points will be awarded at the rate of 1 point per £1 spent (excluding shipping and taxes). From time to time there may be bonus points available, its worth subscribing to my emails so you know when these happen.

Points earnt on purchases will be subject to a 7 days exclusion period. You will be able to see the points earnt in your rewards account but will not be able to redeem them until 7 days have elapsed from purchase. This just prevents people earning points on purchases, redeeming them to receive more goods and then claiming a refund on the original purchase. I'm sure you wouldn't do that but please be aware, if you do claim a refund the points earnt on that purchase may well be forfeited.

You can also earn ALT points by completing your rewards profile, visiting or sharing A Little Trinket on social media sites and referring friends.

You cannot earn points on eGift Card purchases. You can, however, earn points on purchases made with eGift Cards.

ALT points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for anything other than the rewards shown online.

Wholesale customers may earn ALT points but the rewards cannot be used to purchase wholesale items from A Little Trinket. You are very welcome to use them to treat yourself from the retail range though!

I, Anna Tillman t/a A Little Trinket, reserve the right to alter or withdraw the ALT points scheme at any time.